Decades after his death, Mahatma Gandhi is too real to be dreamlike

“If someone were to shoot me in the belief that he was getting rid of a rascal, he would kill not the real Gandhi, but the one that appeared to him a rascal”.

These were the utterances of…

Oft it feels like being trapped in an unsettled Rhine, deemed directionless by the tempestuous voice of Lorelei

A brief introduction of Lorelei?

German legends have it that “Loreley”, as was, (after the early 20th century German spelling reform, y’s are taken for i) — a mythical lady, who after…

How I avoided some common errors to find a robust correlation on my behest

Dear audience,

Having published a series of notebooks that manifest a beginner’s guide to Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) for the beginners, I am in a better position to answer that question from a primitive perspective or in very esoteric terms. …

Ritik P. Nayak

A student of B. Tech, CSE at Punjabi University Patiala, I write primarily on Data Science and Philosophy.

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